Case story: Protecting personnel / health and safety at work

Heavy Duty Sensoric

INDUSTRY Steel and rolling mills

FIELD Hot and cold rolling mills

APPLICATION Protecting personnel / health and safety at work

When operating rolling mills it is imperative to adhere to the Machinery Directive, which includes fundamental safety requirements designed to protect personnel and avoid accidents. As well as safe standstill it also stipulates the function „Safety Limited Speed“ (SLS), which is used, for example, during roll stand maintenance and setup procedures.


For precise speed control in rolling mills the main drives as well as the roughing stand and coilers need to be equipped with an encoder. In addition, it is often necessary to provide increased protection for personnel during the following operating statuses:

  • Safe standstill
  • Safety Limited Speed
  • Maintenance work on a live system

A sensible solution in this case is an overspeed switch independent of the encoder, which fulfills the special safety requirements (Safety Integrity Level SIL / Performance Level PL).

Huebner solution:

To meet these requirements Johannes Huebner Giessen supplies the overspeed switch, type EGS(H)® 41, which is certified up to SIL 2 to IEC 61508 and PL d to DIN EN ISO 13849. In addition to 2 safe switching outputs for speed monitoring of over- and underspeeds it guarantees integrated standstill and slip monitoring functionality as well as a diagnostics switch to monitor safety functions integrated in the device. The userfriendly software makes it easy to program parameters via a USB interface.


Overspeed switch EGS(H)® 41 with:


  • SIL certification for safety related systems
  • Integrated standstill and slip monitoring
  • Diagnostics switch to monitor functions
  • Integrated switch status monitoring


Customer benefits

  • Increased protection for personnel
  • Overspeed switch independent of the speed controls
  • Safe-speed controlled operating statuses

Certified quality

TÜV PROFIZERT - Zertifikat DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Known Consignor (LBA)


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