Current information

Current information

The two construction types: U-ONE-SAFETY-Compact and U-ONE-SAFETY-LWL

In addition to reliable speed switches the new generation of the successful universal encoder system U-ONE-SAFETY now also offers a safe position and error switch as well as an absolute encoder with...

The FG(HJ) 2 for standard motors, auxiliary drives and secondary drives

Due to the level of standardisation this new series – consisting of FG 2 (solid shaft) and FGHJ 2 (hollow shaft) – offers an extremely favourable price-performance ratio. At the same time it...

No limits in variety

The MAG system of Johannes Huebner Giessen offers totally new freedom to design customized encoder solutions, even for installation situations in which it is not possible to use standard encoders....

EGS(H) 41

Our EGS(H) 41 series is certified for use in safety related applications up to SIL 2 to IEC 61508 and PL d to DIN EN ISO 13849; it enables you to reliably monitor a variety of operating statuses such...

The shell of the new office building of Johannes Huebner Giessen

With the shell of the building erected the topping-out ceremony was celebrated on 05.12.2014. Johannes Hübner is targeting investments at expanding its company infrastructure in Gießen, which is just...

The modern generator in the Datteroder Mill.

Johannes Hübner Giessen donates towards the CoLab "Youth Welfare" project (Jugendhilfeprojekt CoLab).

FG 40

For rolling mills, mining industry and crane systems: Johannes Huebner Giessen developed the incremental encoder FG(H) 40 to meet the needs of heavy industry. It has been designed for use under...


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