For years Johannes Hübner Giessen has been setting standards all over the world with creative ideas and solutions for encoder and drive technology.

The world has changed noticeably for all of us. Many things have become faster, we actively participate and communicate across the globe; everything is within reach within a short space of time. New innovations force their way onto the market in increasingly shorter intervals; that means enormous problems need to be overcome, just to keep pace with developments. The energy obtained from depleting fossil resources is becoming increasingly expensive, and asks increasingly difficult questions of mankind. The reduction of energy consumption based on the new concepts this entails determine and set the objectives in the future.

We at Johannes Hübner Giessen took up this challenge many years ago, to incorporate and combine new ideas and solutions with every ecological and economic aspect of all our business divisions.  
In developing and constructing our 'ECOCODER' for our encoder technology, electric drives in passenger vehicles and renewable energy equipment we have been able to create complete systems that produce energy whilst operating and prove extremely economical in their mode of operation and power consumption. And Hübner Giessen has proven that 'heavy duty' applications and ecological/economic requirements are not a contradiction in terms, but can indeed be combined successfully.

We have taken a new approach with our position encoders powered by an integrated generator. The 'EGS' electronic overspeed switch was just the beginning!

Utilising cutting edge technology our universal encoder 'U-One' reduces conventional encoder technology to a minimum, combining all of the required encoder functions whilst reducing power consumption and costs in a single modular concept.

Today, in addition to the known and new BUS modules there are nine functional units available for determining speed, overspeed and position.

The 'U-One' is certified for use in safety applications in accordance with IEC DIN 61508 SIL 2 and DIN EN ISO 13849.

We redesigned our FG/H 40 and FGH 60 series of encoders, our robust magnet and the proven absolute shaft encoders; now thanks to optimised technology they consume very little power.

In building hybrid plant to generate and use renewable energies Johannes Hübner Giessen is not only building on its electrical and mechanical engineering tradition, but moving confidently into the future.

Developed jointly with a German university, our hybrid drive was not just about gaining a foothold in the future. Electrical drive motors for motor vehicles, brake and smooth-running generators designed for use in the rail vehicle manufacturing and shipbuilding industries as well as for smaller wind turbines ensure that Hübner Giessen is highly respected all over the world as a provider of electrical and mechanical engineering solutions.

With our experience, ideas and solutions we have made an impact in all fields of heavy industry and special-purpose machine building. We integrate high-performance components into automation and process engineering tasks and transmit signals utilising fibre-optic and BUS technologies. We are professionals! 

Johannes Hübner Giessen has always placed great demands upon itself to set standards for a successful future. Our team shares this success with our customers.  

The JOHANNES HÜBNER STIFTUNG founded by Ms Riedl-Hübner provides universities of applied sciences in Germany with considerable financial support for their work in scientific and technological fields, and in doing so contributes towards promoting research and development.

Accompany us; we will take you into a successful and secure future!

Dieter Wulkow
Spokesperson for the board

Certified quality

TÜV PROFIZERT - Zertifikat DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Known Consignor (LBA)


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