Case story: Speed control

Heavy Duty Sensorik

Industry: Mining - open cast

Field: Conveyors

Application: Speed control

For generations conveyor systems have been used to transport loose bulk material, proving to be highly efficient and cost effective in a wide variety of mining applications. Depending on their size and length they are equipped with several speed-controlled drive motors to ensure smooth start-ups, optimum loading during continuous operations as well as controlled stopping.


A suitable encoder system was required for continuous operations in extremely harsh conditions. The length of the conveyor system as well as the high mass of the materials being transported result in oscillation and vibration. The inverter-controlled drives cause additional shaft currents that place a heavy strain on the bearings of the encoder system and can destroy them in the long term. Then there are the external factors such as dust, dirt and damp as well as cold or heat depending on the region where the convey system is installed.

Huebner solution

We recommended fitting hollow-shaft encoders with torque brackets to compensate for the extreme oscillation and vibration. The heavy duty encoder FGHJ 5 is equipped with hybrid bearings; which when fitted in combination with the insulated torque bracket and, if required, an insulated adapter shaft can effectively stop the negative influence of shaft currents on the service life of the encoders. In line with requirements the incremental encoders can also be supplemented by an overspeed switch integrated in the second terminal box to guarantee additional protection against overspeeds and underspeeds.


Incremental encoder FGHJ 5 with special hybrid bearings in a heavy-duty housing

Customer benefits

  • Outstanding reliability and service life for continuous operations in extreme conditions
  • Avoid unplanned convey downtimes
  • Increased accuracy and added reliability in comparison with conveyor drives without encoders

Certified quality

TÜV PROFIZERT - Zertifikat DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Known Consignor (LBA)


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