Test stands

Test stands for hybrid energy technology (wind and solar technology)

There is a long and proud tradition of electrical and mechanical engineering at Johannes Hübner. Many years of experience flow in particular into the development and construction of test-stand drives and load machines.

Drive machines (4-Q control principle)

DC permanent magnetuntil 30 kW3000 rpm100 Nm
DC permanent magnetuntil 40 kW2000 rpm210 Nm
Dynamometeruntil 33 kW15000 rpm21 Nm
Further output ranges on request.

Load systems

Mains feedbackuntil 30 kW420 V AC20 A AC
until 60 kW400 V DC150 A DC
Further output ranges on request.

Example: three-phase permanent magnet synchronous generator for providing 50 kW at 3600 rpm on a test stand

Test stand for hybrid systems (at JHG):

  • Determining the characteristic curve tailored to wind turbine characteristics (at request of customer).
  • Measuring current, voltage, power, speed, torque and thermal behaviour.
  • Optimising the generators to low start-up torques.
  • Applying different types of inverter loads to the generators.
  • Trial runs of the components wind turbines, solar (pv), diesel generator; individually as well as specific interaction of all components.