Inverters/charge controllers

Hübner Giessen develops and markets single and multichannel inverters and hybrid charge controllers to facilitate efficient operation of a variety of energy systems. Charge controllers and battery systems are finely tuned to one another for efficient operation.

Hybrid charge controller, type JH-LR...for regulated charging of a variety of battery systems. Performance range 100-2500 W for wind and or solar energy, separate or individually combinable solutions for charging 12/24/48 V batteries.

Power0,6 kW1 kW1,5 kW4,6 kW6 kW7,5 kW13 kW20 kW50 kW70 kW
Input*single channel

*multi-channel inputs for wind, solar, back-up diesel engines on offer soon/on request.

Example aeocon 4600 – the ingenious all-rounder

The single-channel grid tie inverter aecon 4600 of SIEB & MEYER AG for small-scale wind turbines operates on a (patent applied) concept that combines the components rectifier, inverter and ballast circuit in a compact housing. This design facilitates direct control of an external ballast resistor.

The "brain" of the aecon 4600 is a controller that has been designed to meet the requirements of small-scale wind turbines; this ensures optimum performance adjustment of the different operating statuses to the characteristic curve of the turbine. The controller ensures that the turbine always starts up smoothly and that the best possible operating point is selected under different wind conditions. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) ensures the best possible efficiency under partial load conditions; that means the nominal electrical power of the single-phase device to be connected to a 230-V mains supply is specified with 4.6 kW. As well as carrying out control tasks the maintenance-free device also performs a variety of protective functions, for example ensuring controlled deceleration of the rotor in the event of a power failure. The control characteristics adapt automatically to the respective wind conditions, and in so doing provide electronic compensation for the mechanical manufacturing tolerances of the small-scale wind turbine.

The aeocon 4600 activates the integrated ballast resistance control and reliably diverts "excess" power up to 5 kW. This energy converted to heat can be utilised, for example, to support a heating system.