Back-up diesel generators

Conventional control technology

A back-up diesel generator is a sensible method of supplementing an isolated power supply system comprising a wind turbine and photovoltaic technology. The diesel generator covers user-driven peak loads, or more precisely switches on when the regenerative energy systems cannot provide sufficient energy.

Diesel generators
power ratings
10 kVA20 kVA50 kVA80 kVA*100 kVA*150 kVA*
*in cooperation

Diesel generator: EADS, Kubota, Deutz, Daimler, Volvo

Kubota-diesel engine with Hübner-Generator DAG 160 L2 and air conditioning compressor.

Example EADS

With VSCF technology

Variable speed AC electric generator
D 10-40 DDPME
400/230 V - 50 Hz - 10...40 kVA

The variable-speed design of the generator and automatic adjustment of the speed in line with power requirements ensure the best possible prerequisites for reduced fuel consumption, low exhaust gas and noise emissions, minimum maintenance requirements and maximum service life – resulting in a clearly more favourable LCC.

Highlights for variable-speed generators – VSCF (Variable Speed Constant Frequency)

  • Significant reduction of LLC1
  • Longer service life, MTBF2
  • Reduction of noise emissions
  • Reduction of toxic emissions
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Runs smoothly efficient in low-load operations
  • Longer life-cycle
  • Designed to supply "ac and dc current"
  • Designed as "multi-frequency unit"
  • Wide band performance spectrum – reduces the number of models

1LCC = lifetime cycle costs
2MTBF = Mean Time Between Failtures

Diesel generator
power ratings
4-22 kVA8-40 kVAfurther electrical
power-classes in planning