Energie Systeme


Johannes Huebner Giessen is specialized in decentralised hybrid energy systems for locations where no mains power supply is available (isolated operations). In addition to ensuring the security and reliability of power supplies, achieving optimum use of regenerative energy sources (wind, sun and water), reducing fuel consumption (diesel) and minimizing CO2 emissions remain paramount in all we do.

Areas of applications:

  • remote farms and agricultural business
  • small villages/communities without electric grid connection
  • transmitter stations for mobile communication
  • outback-stations for research and weather forecast
  • mountain shelters and refuges
  • border and customs facilities
  • police and control stations
  • schools and education facilities
  • island resorts and hotels
  • mobile container hospitals
  • camps for pipeline construction, oil exploration or mining
  • nature protection areas and national parks


TÜV PROFIZERT - Zertifikat DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

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